IT Consulting


IT Consulting


When Hiring an IT Consultant Makes Sense

  • When you need a specialist for a problem.
  • When you need to scope new hardware or implement new software.
  • When you need a new solution (i.e. moving servers to the cloud), and don’t know which vendor to choose.
  • When the budget is better served by a consultant over new staff.

“But isn’t hiring a consultant expensive?” No, not necessarily. Here at 5C, we focus on reliability and efficiency, so that we can save our clients money through our work. In fact, consultants are often hired for exactly that reason – to save the company money!

IT Consultants Save You Time & Money

IT Consultants help you get more efficiency out of current IT systems (Software Upgrades, Virtualization/Cloud Computing, Training on Time Efficiency).

IT Consultants can take over important specialized tasks, so existing IT staff is freed up to focus on daily operations.

IT Consultants keep you up-to-date on new technology that may solve certain problems.

IT Consultants implement new systems that save money over older products (e.g., putting a VoIP phone system in to replace an expensive PBX).

And finally, IT consultants save time in implementing new hardware or software. They’ve already implemented the technology in various different environments. So they know how to reliably install the required technology, what to expect along the way, and how much time it’ll take.