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Access Control

Access Control System

5C Access Control system

Want to build Government Data Center level system?

5C Doing the Data center infrastructure building with top level of the access control system in the past 20+ years.

Our Access Control system has the top security level with the both side in and out controll, in case get fired, our system can know how many people inside the build right away.

Our client included Canadian/Ontario/Alberta government, as well as Chinese, HK, Japaness governments, Bank, Telecommunication Company office, Data Center

We have competitive price as low as $20,000 per door which is acceptable for most business.

Some Airbnb host using our system as well, which is easy for those host control and acknowledge how many guests inside the house in case get fired, or other emergency happened.

Combine with Door Bell, Cameras, host is easy understand if the guest take unwelcome visitor to the house, which happened quite a few party event damaged hosts house included some visitor got death in the event, which to host is nightmare as well as the responsibility to the death person.